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Ancient world map

Roaming afar, escaping the mundane routines

Exploring all that the world has to offer.

Connecting with different people, customs and cultures.

Diving into the local culture - experiencing new thrills, meeting new faces, and gaining a new outlook.

Flaneuring the city streets with no pomp and grandeur,

Gaining a sense of the neighborhood and eschewing the touristy sites,

Venturing off the beaten path and embracing the unknown,

Coming home with a renewed sense of wonder.

Some favorite places

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Globalization and travel

“As travelers, I think we tend to hate “globalization” because we imagine places to be a certain way from books, movies, and our collective cultural consciousness.

We often have this image — based on no firsthand experience — of what a destination should be like and how the people should act. We imagine deserted beaches, or quaint cafés, or rustic old towns, or gritty, worn-down cities because we saw that in a movie or read a book ten years ago. I mean, most Americans still think Colombia is teeming with narcos or that Eastern Europe is still like it was the day after the Iron Curtain fell.


Globalization stops all that from happening. Suddenly, we’re walking down the street — and we see a part of home. Our illusion – the myth we created about the destination we are in – is shattered. “Well, there’s a Starbucks. The tourists are here. This place is ruined now.”

When we imagine how someplace should be — like Thai islands with little huts and empty beaches, or rural villages filled with only local food and pushcart vendors — we seek to freeze the world (and often with an air of leftover colonialism).

We forget that places aren’t Disneyland and it’s not 100 years ago. Things change. Places develop, mature, and move on. The world around us hasn’t stood frozen in time to act like our theme park.”

Map of Anthony Bourdain recommendations of restaurants, places etc.

List of places to visit

GPT3 List of craziest and most interesting, novel places to travel to:

Travel experiences (quoted and gathered from reddit)

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