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There is no one key to success as a startup founder. However, some important things to remember are to have a clear vision, focus on execution, and be able to adapt to change.

Some common tips to succeed with a startup:

Lean Startup Model

Hard startups

“The most counterintuitive secret about startups is that it’s often easier to succeed with a hard startup than an easy one. A hard startup requires a lot more money, time, coordination, or technological development than most startups. A good hard startup is one that will be valuable if it works (not all hard problems are worth solving!).” - Hard Startups by Sam Altman

Must read to get started

Sam Altman Startup Playbook

Sam Altman - How to Succeed with a Startup

Great Resources





can recommended joining bootcamps, communities or fellowships to push and apply your skills

Ideas, Themes, Open Questions



Michael Seibel - Building Product

David Rusenko - How To Find Product Market Fit

Michael Seibel - How to Plan an MVP

Peter Thiel - Competition is for Losers (How to Start a Startup 2014)

Ycombinators The Pocket Guide of Essential Advice

Action Items