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Biohacking is the performance of science experiments on yourself in order to improve your health and physical and cognitive performance.

Peter Attia - Reverse engineered approach to human longevity


Interesting Reads (no endorsements or medical advice)

Sheekey: 5 most promising anti-aging compounds (updated 2022)

Matt Kaeberlein and Peter Attia about NAD, metformin, & rapamycin


A typical Blueprint morning by Bryan Johnson


What I do (not medical advice)


My current opinion on supplements

I’m still skeptical about whether supplements can be fully taken advantage of by the body or their quality can vary greatly, but I still believe that, on average, a few select ones can provide net benefit.

Supplements I take


Bryan Johnson (too many supplements for me)

Upon waking

4 oz of water Spermidine, 2 Tbsp chlorella powder, yielding 13.5mg spermidine Amino Complex 7.6 g Creatine 2.5 g Collagen Peptides 20 g Cocoa Flavanols 500 mg Ceylon Cinnamon 1 tsp


Before bed




David Sinclair:

Peter Attia:



Quantified Self

Monitoring Personal Health and Ageotypes Using Big Data, Michael Snyder, Stanford University