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Biohacking involves conducting science experiments on oneself to improve health, as well as physical and cognitive performance.

Peter Attia - A Reverse Engineered Approach to Human Longevity


Interesting Reads (No Endorsements or Medical Advice)

Sheekey: 5 Most Promising Anti-Aging Compounds (Updated 2022)

Matt Kaeberlein and Peter Attia Discuss NAD, Metformin, & Rapamycin


A Typical Blueprint Morning by Bryan Johnson


What I Do (Not Medical Advice)

Inspired by Bryan Johnson and Isaak Freeman, but with fewer practices and a more focused approach. Check for information on the mechanisms of action and dosage, and scientific reviews on Google Scholar.  


My Current Opinion on Supplements

I am still skeptical about whether supplements can be fully utilized by the body or if their quality varies greatly. However, I believe that a few select supplements can provide net benefits.

Supplements I Take


Bryan Johnson’s Protocol (Too Many Supplements for Me)


Peter Attia’s Supplement Regimen:


Quantified Self

Monitoring Personal Health and Ageotypes Using Big Data, Michael Snyder, Stanford University